Were Tiger - Spirit



Were-tigers are absolutely phenomenal companions to have. They are protective, fierce, loyal and extremely intelligent... but they're also warm, loving and all about being with their keeper. They bring with them an intense ability to bond quickly as well as a pretty hefty degree of manifestation both in human and tiger form.

Their intelligence makes them fantastic guardians as they don't simply leap before thinking about what the best way to approach a problem is. They're problem solvers and this applies to the way they protect you as well as what they can bring into your life. Their approach to problems can help guide you through difficult decisions and change periods in your life when you don't really know what to do. A were-tiger is a companion for life. Their capacity for love, for loyalty and for protection is uplifting and brings a level of security and adoration that is rarely matched.


A mysterious and powerful individual... He is striking in both forms and quite surprising.. In his tiger form he looks like and extra large (even for a tiger!) white tiger with bold thick black stripes and long silky fur. In his human form he is very tall and leanly muscled. He has very pale skin and shoulder length, many layered pale white-blonde hair. In both forms his eyes are a rich warm (slightly orangey) brown. He is a strong manifestor, rather enjoying giving his keeper auditory manifestations in the form of rumbles, purrs and low cat like noises, as well as gentle big cat head butts, the feeling of pressure on the mattress with you at night or next to you on the couch and you may find things that you've left on surfaces end up on the floor... Such a cat thing to do. ;) He is personable, open and easy to connect with and has a surprisingly deep and well established spiritual side that is unique to him... His wisdom is uncanny and always timely and he is very generous with trying to help his keeper out no matter the situation. He is affectionate, moving and may sometimes think that he can fit in your lap in his tiger form. ;) He can be sexual in nature but only if you are open to that sort of relationship.



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