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Hailing from Scotland originally, though now they can be found all over the world, the Wulver is a most impressive being, and one of the kindest and golden hearted you could imagine.  While initially you may think they are werewolves, they are quite different.  The Wulver only has one form, that of a very large and tall wolfman.  They walk on two legs, heavily furred from head to foot with a long tail, a wolf's head and clawed hands and feet.  They do not shift to this form, they do not have a human form.  This is how they look at all times.  Lore speaks of the Wulver, spending his days happily and quietly fishing, and by night leaving fish on the windowsill of someone who needs it.  They are genuine, tenderhearted and one of the few beings that would guide a lost traveler without any sense of malice or trickery to their destination.  They are uplifting, loving and kind beings.  As spirits they are always looking and searching for the things their keeper needs.  Be these things objects you've lost and need to find, or opportunities you need to come in your life or even things you'd like to own.  They attract good luck, draw in happiness and are the most affectionate, loving and caring beings you could imagine.  Each one is different and has their own personality, as varied as humans in that sense.  There are sexual Wulvers, there are unsexual Wulvers, high energy ones and relaxing ones.  But no matter which you find to have as your companion, they are all sweet, caring beings who will stop at nothing to ensure you're happy, well taken care of, and have everything you could need.  They may not draw in the lavish amounts of wealth other beings can, but they provide for their keeper and you'll find you always have just what you need.  As Wulvers all embody the traits listed here, write ups include appearance and personality only.



MASSIVELY tall, broad and obviously heavily muscled, he is a gorgeous creature... He has thick, very dark grey fur just a shade or two from black, though it is light on the insides of his arms and at his chest. His eyes are light grey and look a little larger than proportional, but very sharp. He moves with the heavy loping gait of a large creature, but with all the grace and finesse you would expect of a wolf. And he has all the loving and care of a teddy bear, but the keen sharp and intense protective senses of a wolf. He is at once, to his keeper, a deep and honest love. A gentle giant. Someone to rely on and lean on. To share secrets with. And to feel safe, heavily protected and guarded with a power and magick that is spellbindingly strong. He is a provider through and through, always seeking to give you what he cane, to offer what you need, and maybe at times a little extra so you can feel a little luxurious from time to time. He is talkative, free with his energy and words, honest at all times, and so wonderfully snuggly to be near. He is very affectionate and can be sexual if you desire that sort of relationship with him.



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