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Yule Elves go by many names, this is what they have chosen to be named as here. They are a lovely race of human sized elves, purely white arts and so incredibly fun loving. They come in all shapes, sizes and colourings and are a very jovial and vivacious bunch. Inviting a Yule Elf into your home isn't just for the Holiday Season. The warmth, the friendship, the kinship and the happiness you feel around the Holidays comes with them all year round. They love to boost your spirits, love to improve your mood, your outlook on life and can ease depression and anxiety. They have a wonderful way of anticipating what you need in life and have a knack for bringing it to you before you, personally, recognize you need it. They are joyful, they help you recognize your blessings and can bring with them a cool, refreshing sort of energy that zips through your veins like a deep breath on a cold winter morning. They manifest in many ways, the tinkling of bells, the sound of laughter, heady scents and a buoyant uplifting of spirits that seems to come from no where. If you need some more joy, some more happiness and some more love in your life, consider one of these amazing elves as an addition to your family.

YULE ELF – MALE – RUNO (roo - noh)

Tall and strong and broad in build, but still lean and slim as you could expect of an elf. He has pale skin, long silver coloured hair and shimmering gold eyes. He has a spatter of light freckles across his nose and on his arms. He also has a particular love of jewellery and wears a lot of rings, bracelets and necklaces. He is on the quieter side when it comes to talking, preferring to be really creative with his means of communication. This can make him an incredibly rewarding companion for anyone who has trouble with telepathic communication as he doesn't use that very often. He is a warm, present and incredibly vibrant energy, but rather than a buoyant, over the top sort of joy, he is a low, constant radiating feeling of contentment, quiet happiness and a gentle feeling of 'all is well'. I liken him to a quiet night with soft music and the only light is what's coming from the Christmas Tree. That feeling of quiet happiness, of content,ent and comfort. That's him all over. And in that quiet contentment he can help you loosen blockages, help you discover parts of yourself forgotten or that you never knew existed, and work though problems you're facing on a day to day basis as well as those that have plagued you your whole life. He is a safe place, a place of solace and a steely strong pillar to lean in when things are difficult. He bonds deeply with his keeper and is a life long companion. He is affectionate but not sexual in nature.



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