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Spirits, Entities & Servitors - Fact and Fiction.

Spirits, Entities & Servitors – Fact vs Fiction

So, as always, I don't proclaim myself the 'KNOWER OF ALL' but a lot of what is in this blog post is fact. My opinions aside from the facts are yours to take if you like them or leave if you don't. But the facts are facts...

With metaphysical, supernatural and paranormal books, tv shows and movies now being pretty mainstream, it's really easy to get caught up in the fantastical and romantic side of the world, and lose sight of what is actually possible and probable.

It may be disappointing to hear that your favourite stories have elements of truth to them, but for the most part are impossible, but that's the truth of the matter. Even movies, books and shows 'based on true events' have to be sensationalized... If the actual true events of any spiritual situation were portrayed, it wouldn't have Hollywood gloss and mass market appeal. For those of us on the path, we would surely enjoy it in it's unaltered state! We'd love to see the truth of the path, see what others have experienced and understand it as being amazing, because we know how incredible it really is. But for the general public, it has to be amazing and incredible and impossible in order to make money. And don't forget that for the most part, that's what those shows, movies and books are out there to do. Tell a great story and make money doing it. (Granted I know a lot of authors/film-makers who write/create because they want to and aren't out to make money, I'm speaking generally about the majority, not blanketing everyone as a whole.)

I've watched the Spirit Keeping path take that turn. From one point where everyone was entranced by Hippocampi, Unicorns, Vampires and Dragons, to everyone needing to have special, spectacular and unique beings with the former now being seen as boring. Part of that is natural growth, part of that is an influx of new sellers as well, and as we don't want to constantly be repeating what everyone else does, we look further, explore more, and discover new beings that haven't been spoken to before. (I certainly have been doing this!) Growth is wonderful and important, but in some cases it's leading to the basics and foundations being forgotten and replaced with sensational and impossible ideas... To the point where many new keepers and even sellers don't even have the basics anymore to know how to class a spirit in it's most basic way.

It's also led to a lot of misinformation about what spirits, entities and servitors ARE and what they can do vs what they AREN'T and is impossible to do.

So today I'm going to go back to the foundations and detail out Spirits, Entities and Servitors. What they are and what they aren't...


First up is the most common term we in this world know. Spirits.

To be blunt, spirits are dead. They are non-corporeal (have no physical and tangible form), they are ghosts. Not the ghosts from most tv shows and movies, though, real ghosts.

They are energy, they have no physical form. Some can interact with the physical world in small ways but they are like smoke.

Spirits can physically 'lean' on their keepers, make them feel a hand on their shoulder, a stroke through their hair, a gentle whisper in their ear or a dip on the couch and bed as though someone has sat down next to you. They can shift small objects, sometimes hide small items, and create patches of warmth, cold and phantom scent. They can appear in our world as small inanimate objects or sometimes as other animals for a few moments. If they can manifest as themselves in our world it's short and sweet. They can influence our world to direct our attention to certain things, they can line up events perfectly in order to maximize benefit to you. They can make completely impossible 'coincidences' occur...

This, however, takes a lot of energy. Some spirits are more capable of some things and less capable of others. Some spirits LIKE some things more than others and will only do the things they like. It isn't a measure of power or ability on behalf of the practitioner whether or not your spirit does these things, it's down to the spirit themselves.

Spirits cannot be forced into anything they don't want to be. You cannot make a spirit do anything in the human world because they aren't part of it. Their lives have come and gone, what they are now is something extremely different and extremely elevated. They won't get caught up in human nature.

And while many energy absorbing spirits do help us clear our energy and even sometimes feed off ambient or negative energy to help you and power themselves (with permission and never to harm their keeper) you cannot harm a spirit by being drunk or high or anything else. They cannot get sick, they cannot feel pain either. Those are mortal limitations that they no longer have. Spirits can use their energy in our world in really interesting and creative ways, though. While they may not be able to do things the way you and I would, they are still capable of incredible things. Their shielding and warding abilities can be top notch, and asking them for simple tasks like helping keep pests out of your house (human or otherwise.. ;) ), protect the boundaries of your property or keep an eye on children and pets can be very rewarding. They cannot behave and interact in ways humans do but it doesn't mean they don't have their own set of abilities and ways of doing things (even sexual things.. ;) ). Just keep a level head about it and remember that your spirit is energy... Not a fully formed physical being. Spirits find it easier to interact in dreams as they do not need to be corporeal there. Same as in meditative journey or astral travel.

Spirits can be white arts, dark arts or black arts in nature. Occasionally I and other sellers will use the term 'grey' arts as well.

White Arts Spirits – Are incapable of doing anything to harm another being. They cannot, they can only do good. Their protection is defensive only (like shielding and warding). They cannot attack, seek retribution or do anything that might hurt another being. They cannot go against another beings free will.

Dark Arts Spirits – Have choice in their actions and behaviours. Humans are dark arts because we can be good people and we can be bad people with every possibility in-between. Dark arts spirits and what they can or can't do is entirely dependent on themselves. Some dark arts spirits will never hurt another being while others can be nasty and awful. A dark arts spirit, however, will not suddenly turn from being good to being bad. Their lives are what shaped them, in death they are what they were in life and they cannot change from that. It is utterly impossible to have a dark arts spirit who starts off good and turns bad unless your practitioner doesn't know how to read the spirit and their energy and gets tricked by something malicious. This is why it's important to trust your practitioner and know that THEY know what they're doing.

“Grey” Arts Spirits – While not a true category this term is often used to describe a completely benevolent spirit who is dark arts. This spirit will TECHNICALLY be dark arts because they do have choice in their action, but this spirit will be more like dealing with a white arts spirit.

Black Arts Spirits- Are incapable of doing anything good. Ever. Like a white arts spirit who can only ever do good, a black arts spirit can only ever do bad. That's the point of the classification, they are polar opposites, white and black. They exist, they are horrible, and you need to know that you cannot 'change' them. You cannot win them over with love and affection. A black arts spirit is evil now because it was evil in life and cannot be changed now that it is a spirit, nor would it want to be changed. It will delight in stringing a human along, acting like it's wonderful and loving and can be won over with attention and love, but it will be playing with you. It will be toying with you and only there to get what it wants from you.

The classification of the arts is something that's gotten very muddled along the way. But this is the true definition of what is what, as you can see it laid out like that it makes perfect sense. But, of course, it isn't as interesting, nor is it as romantic as the definitions that some out there are using instead. I encourage you to follow the truth of things and not the sensationalized ideas that have been presented more recently. These fundamentals do not change, no matter who the practitioner is or what 'qualifications' they boast. Please remember I am speaking strictly about the spirits that practitioners offer as companions. I am not debating the existence of other non-corporeal or semi corporeal beings. I am talking about the ones you bring into your life.

ENTITIES~ Entities are living beings. Humans are technically entities. We are living and breathing and exist. ;) The term 'Entity' is used to describe beings who live in other astral realms but want companions from other realms like ours, and beings who exist only in energy form even as living beings in whatever realm they are from. Your relationship with an entity will be pretty much the same as your relationship with a spirit. They either are living as energy form, or are in another realm, so their interactions will be the same as a non-corporeal being.

There are a few differences, however...

Entities are living beings who don't have the entire wisdom of the universe the way a spirit who has died does. Spirits know everything, they see the path of your life and the world and everything in between, they know exactly who you are and what to expect from you. Entities are living beings, just like you. Often sellers (myself included) make choices on entities to offer based on those who have a lot of years, a lot of wisdom and a lot of abilities to try and make things easier for the keeper. But bonding with an entity is different, they don't know you immediately the way a spirit does. You have to get to know each other and build your relationship the way you would with another human. I liken relationships with entities to life long friendships online. You never really see or touch each other, but you get to know each other intimately all the same. But you DO have to get to know each other and see where your relationship takes you.

Now... I know that the romantic side of this seems like it's possible you could cross realms and meet. But this isn't television or movies. The possibility of that happening is slim and I'm being generous in saying 'slim'. Be realistic about it... be happy with the relationship you CAN have and don't cheapen it by wanting more. If all you're ever looking for is how to change and alter the relationship you'll never get the best out of it.

Entities fall into the same White, Dark, Grey and Black arts categories. However... White and Black arts entities are static, period. They cannot change their classification, it's part of their being and genetic code. But because entities are living and their lives are still happening, a dark arts entity who is completely benevolent can have things happen in their life to change them. The same way a human who has always been good can have something happen to them and snap and change completely.

This is why myself and other seasoned practitioners are very careful about the dark arts entities chosen for companions. I look for elders, I look for those who have lived a VERY long time, because after you see the turn of the world a million times over (might be exaggerating there. ;) ) there's not a lot that can take you by surprise, alter your perceptions or change you so drastically you wouldn't be safe anymore.

Be aware of that when seeking entity companions. Simply for your own safety.


Also called Thoughtforms, these beings are created by practitioners with specific appearance, purpose and abilities.

Formally servitors are created through Psionics and 'brought to life' by the practitioner involved. But it's been proven time and again that anyone can create a thoughtform if enough energy is used. However, if you don't know what you're doing it can often have disastrous results. Don't think you know what you're doing in creating a thoughtform if you haven't done it before and haven't learned how to do it properly.

Servitors can be made into any 'shape' and take on any appearance. A lot of people like servitors because they can be created in the image of favourite book, tv or movie characters, making them familiar and wonderful.

Servitors are not 'alive', though, and have never been alive. They are given form and 'programmed' with abilities. They cannot stray from these abilties, though often with attention and interaction with a human keeper, they will develop personalities and their abilities will strengthen. This is because you are putting your energy into that servitor and you are dedicating yourself to it, giving it more and breathing further 'life' into it. But you cannot alter a servitor created by someone else to the point of changing it's abilities or it's appearance. You can only enhance whats already there.

This is a safeguard against accidentally creating your worst nightmare...

Fear and worry and stress and anxiety are extremely powerful and also often all encompassing emotions and energy. It's easy to give those emotions and energy so much power that it could be imprinted onto a servitor/thoughtform and instead of giving your servitor wonderful and helpful abilities, you could be accidentally programming it to be nothing but your worry and anxiety and fear. It would be unintentional, of course, but if you could alter a servitor in your keep it could be pretty awful. So servitors are programmed to behave a certain way and you can't change that core structure...

Servitors will interact with you the same way spirits and entities do. They have no corporeal form. They exist as energy and therefore can do the same things a spirit and entity can for you, but it's a different relationship altogether. A servitor is often a tasked being, set to perform certain duties based on certain situations and environments. Your servitor can grow in terms of personality and depth, but they have never been alive and never will be.


There's a lot that has changed since the start of spirit keeping. This world is rich, amazing and utterly incredible as it is, but human nature is often always looking for 'more'. It's time to set things straight on what is and isn't possible now. To step back from the growing trend of elaborate and completely impossible things this world is and just remember that even on it's own this path is stunning. Why would you want to alter what is already a path of amazing and exponential spiritual growth? Why does everything have to be MORE when on it's own this path is incredible and regularly leave you stunned by what takes place? It may seem like far more fun to be part of dramatic and romantic and elaborate situations but most of the time what you're being told and sold in those situations just isn't possible. Even in this world there are limits. And you have to understand that what you see on tv and what you read in books has elements of truth, but a great deal of dramatics in between the facts.

If your path in this world is one that is truly dedicated and not just because you're being sold on the frills and bells and whistles then you know you're supposed to be here. If you want to be in this world because of a television show or a movie you might want to double check your motives and expectations, or learn what the path truly is and decide if it's right for you. I'm not saying that those brought to this path because of a tv show or book shouldn't be here, just the ones who don't take the time to LEARN and decide that this path, as it truly is, is for them.

Everyone deserves to be here, everyone is allowed to find their own path and their own way in this world and do what makes them happy. But it doesn't mean that keepers should be sold lies and that practitioners should get caught up in trying to make themselves look best with fancy beings and forget the true foundations.

Know what's possible. Know what isn't. Remember that on it's own this path is pretty spectacular! You're inviting spirits of powerful and wonderful beings into your life to help you and guide you. Why would you need to embellish on that when all by itself it's just awe inspiring!!

Make your choices and find your way. As soon as you remove the impossibilities that are being given center stage in a lot of places the actual possibilities are pretty breath taking. :)

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