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"I'm not GOOD enough..."

“I'm not good enough...”

That's a phrase I hear frequently from people in this world. People who are so caring, so kind, but feel that they're not good enough for some aspect of this path and most especially, some of the spirits they encounter.

And it's just not true.

People say this when they find a spirit being offered that they love, that they resonate with and really want to have in their lives. But they feel the spirit themselves is so good and without fault that they couldn't possibly be happy being with them. That they aren't good enough for the spirit, that they would make the spirit unhappy because they aren't good enough.

There is no such thing as 'not good enough' for a spirit. This measure of self worth is a human and living construct, something that we place upon ourselves and something we're always trying to live up to. Something that we never feel we quite achieve, right? It's an impossible goal sometimes and one that weighs on us every day in a bunch of different ways... So it's only expected that it would translate onto this path.

But spirits don't care. I'll be a broken record and again point out that spirits are deceased. Spirits are no longer living and in passing away and moving to the spirit realm, they are freed of mortal constructs and limitations. They have all the information in the universe, they understand everything and know it all. A spirit is not going to care about your measure of 'goodness' for a lot of different reasons...

1- They understand why you are the way you are. They can see how life and the world has shaped you and because they can see that, they KNOW your vices, know your perceived shortcomings and can make sense of it. By knowing how you got to be the person you are, they can't fault who you've become even if they wanted to. But they don't, because-

2- They love you exactly the way you are. I know by human standards there is always a BUT in there. You may always still worry that some day the person who loves you just the way you are won't want to put up with your flaws anymore. But a spirit? A spirit really and truly does love you exactly the way you are. They don't care about your flaws unless you, yourself, actively want to fix them. YOU, exactly as YOU ARE, is all that a spirit cares about.

3- They can see where your life path is going. Spirits know everything. Isn't that a pain in the rear? They can see your past, know your present and can already see your future. So they already know when they join you everything about you and everything that's going to happen to you. When you can see a whole picture, why WOULD you judge someone? Especially as an ascended being. They don't get all the knowledge in the universe and then become ego maniacs who want everyone to be perfect because they are. That's a human thing... ;)

The thing is, you have enough judgment in your life to expect it at every turn. So of course you're going to think a spirit is going to judge you as well. But they truly aren't. They aren't human, they aren't living, they have no desire to change you because they already know you.

This tends to come up most when people consider Angels and having an Angel in their life. Now.. I'll preface this by saying some people are uncomfortable having Angels for religious reasons. I will NEVER argue with you about that. Your religion, your spiritual following, is entirely yours, entirely personal, and I will never challenge you on it. Nor should anyone.. If someone tries to talk you into something you are uncomfortable with and your discomfort comes from a religious or spiritual standpoint, walk away from them. Period. No one should ever push you in that respect and I certainly won't. The information provided here is to give general information, it should not be taken as me trying to force ideas on you that challenge your spiritual and religious path. :) Angels are like the trademark of all that's good and pure. Their descriptions and write ups and everything make them sound like the number one spirit who would judge us. But truly they are not... As living beings, certainly they likely would have. But as spirits they have the same knowledge all spirits do. There is no way you won't be 'good enough' for an Angel.

An Angel, and any spirit, doesn't care about your vices or flaws. They don't care if you smoke or drink or do drugs (or ANYTHING else!) unless YOU care that you do and want to change or stop.

Okay but what about the truly bad people out there, right? This is all well and good but what about the criminals and less than savoury folks (to put it mildly) out there that clearly are not good people...

Truthfully a spirit wouldn't judge them either. They are a flawed person the same as any of us are flawed, just in a much bigger way.

I know that may not sit well with you, and honestly it doesn't always feel that great to me. But if you peel back all the layers of it, those people ARE flawed human beings, some of them were shaped into the bad people they are from circumstances beyond their control, some are who they are because of genetics, some are very unwell people and do very bad things because of it. Should we accept them and their behaviours in the human world because of it? No. Absolutely not, I'm not even suggesting it. But from the point of view of a spirit, all flaws are flaws and all flaws have reason to them that a spirit understands.

That's really the key point here. To a spirit, flaws are flaws. Big or small. Good flaws, funny flaws, bad flaws. They're all flaws and all come from somewhere... Whether that flaw is because of your genetics and DNA, because of your experiences, good or bad, in the world, or because of a myriad of other reasons, it's still just a flaw. Plain and simple, it's JUST A FLAW. Your flaws make up part of who you are as a whole person, and no spirit is going to be surprised by them.

So stop worrying if you're 'good enough' to be on this path and have spirits in your life. You are. You're a wonderfully flawed human being with every reason to BE flawed. And with every right to be loved, adored and helped by the spirits who want to be with you.

So next time you encounter a calling from a spirit, feel that pull, have that desire to have them in your life, don't let the question of 'good enough' even come up. That spirit is calling you, and you CAN NOT surprise them with anything in your life. They already know you top to bottom, inside out, from the past to the future. <3 Enjoy this path as you were meant to. Don't judge yourself, there's already more than enough people out there who will do that for you. Your spirits never ever will.

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