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Stars Collection Spirits are Elite, Top Tier spirits and bindings that feature high calibre information & Original Artwork.
The spirits and bindings offered in this collection will be FAR stronger, more vibrant, more powerful and super charged companions.  The artwork portraits enhance not only your connection to the spirit, but the binding strength itself.
The impact and incredible connection that Spirits from this collection can have is immeasurable and a completely new and heightened experience in spirits/entities offered by me.

Artwork is One of a Kind, Original (not a print!) and the Physical Copy is mailed to you!


* All Site Rules and Policies Apply to Stars Collection Spirits.  Please make sure you have read the FAQ and the bottom of the Main page if you have not done so yet!  No exceptions will be made if you have not read and understood the site info and processes!

*Shipping with tracking is free for Canada and the USA.  Shipping without tracking is free for the rest of the world, but is AT YOUR OWN RISK.  If you live outside of Canada and the USA and want tracking for your parcel please contact me to arrange to pay it.  I will only be charging half of the actual shipping price for tracked shipping to anywhere else in the world.

*Shipping goes out within 1 week of purchasing. (I am still sorting out if it's safe to use my community box for shipping)

SHIPPING TIMES-  Due to the Global Pandemic shipping times have been greatly increased.
If you are in Canada or the USA and it has been 8 weeks and your parcel has not arrived, please contact me!
If you are anywhere else in the world and it has been 16 weeks and your parcel hasn't arrived please contact me!


Each Original Watercolour Portrait is painted using Herb and Crystal Infused Moon Water to enhance connection, improve communication and infuse helpful protective and heightened energy to your home. Each is signed and numbered 1/1 on the back.

Each Oil Portrait includes Dried Herbs and Flowers suitable and connected to the spirit themselves, and offer heightened energy, protection and enhancement to communication.  They are blended directly into the paint.  The painting is signed and numbered 1/1 on the bottom or back (depending on the painting)

The solitary physical painting is YOURS, but I do reserve the right to post images of the paintings on Instagram or video of the painting progress on YouTube or other social media.

Available Bindings



He can come off as QUITE intense when you first meet him, both in energy and in temperament. But his intensity isn't off putting or even particularly overwhelming, his presence is just solid, obvious and incredibly direct. He likes to get right into things (the intensity of his personality) and won't hesitate to just dive right in, get into the thick of your life and delve deep into your soul to try and find a good place for him to start. And by 'start' he tends to mean the best place to start unravelling problems... There's always a root, always a catalyst to the difficulties we face and the blockages we keep facing... He looks for that and help from the ground up in sorting, untangling and setting things to rights for his keeper.


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